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Ivideon Partner Conference 2021


On June 3, we presented our new Partner program. Ivideon team together with the partners discussed new trends in the video surveillance market, presented the Ivideon product line, and shared some coming updates.

Ivideon was presenting at the IPVM VSaaS Online Show, May 18, 2021


Ivideon presented at IPVM's VSaaS Show, May 18, 2021 with over 20 companies presenting to IPVM members. Vera Romazanova, Business Development Manager together with Vic Saikovski, VP Business Development represented Ivideon recent releases.

Success Story. Electrical Engineering Company, USA


Security system upgrade and Cloud Video Surveillance in more than 300 active projects throughout the United States.

Massive update to the Ivideon player


Good news! We have improved our web client player to Version 2.0 and launched a mobile version! Thumbnails, quickly loading live feed and a lot more.

Face Blurring Technology for the restaurant industry


Public broadcasts with a face masking module as per the example of the Ivideon x DoDo Pizza case.

Success Story. Biggz Store Chain.


Upgrade of the security system with the Ivideon Faces in Biggz store chain

Success Story. Gas Refilling Station Supplier, Italy.


Project with the HERMES solution by Pontiradio PR and Ivideon

Success Story. La Horqueta neighborhood, Buenos Aires, Argentina


La Horqueta is a neighborhood of the San Isidro located in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. Despite the fact that San Isidro is considered to be one of the fashionable areas of Buenos Aires there appeared a need to improve safety in the neighborhood La Horqueta. The residents of the neighborhood who were tired of insecurity issues were looking to install a video surveillance system as a solution to protect them from vandalism and theft.

Ivideon out in the world: face recognition, visitor counting, and migrating to the cloud


Ivideon was at Dahua Technology Partner Day in Madrid, the theme of which was Create Smart Solutions Together, to present new video analytics projects and cloud services: Ivideon Faces, Ivideon People Counting, and Ivideon Bridge.