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Success Story. La Horqueta neighborhood, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Industry - Public safety
Company - La Horqueta neighborhood (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Ivideon Product - Ivideon Bridge, Ivideon Cloud
Number of Cameras - 20
Ivideon Video Analytics - Motion detection
Camera Manufacturer - Dahua

Ivideon Cloud Argentina

La Horqueta is a neighborhood of the San Isidro located in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. Despite the fact that San Isidro is considered to be one of the fashionable areas of Buenos Aires there appeared a need to improve safety in the neighborhood La Horqueta. The residents of the neighborhood who were tired of insecurity issues were looking to install a video surveillance system as a solution to protect them from vandalism and theft.

The issue was quite urgent so that the residents organized themselves to invest in a "community" video management system in the cloud. It was necessary that all the residents invested in the project could have easy access to the videos from anywhere and from any device, even a mobile phone. San Isidro Authorities support the project and give the possibility to share cameras to the police control center, so, when a neighbor sees an issue, he calls an emergency 911. The local police see the real-time video and have access to recordings.

Ivideon Argentina

They have 10 security points, each of them have 2 cameras connected to DVR. Each security point is connected to Ivideon Bridge to upload the video to the cloud. With Ivideon Bridge no special knowledge required to connect the cameras to the Ivideon cloud with a user-friendly setup interface. Ivideon Bridge saved financial and human resources. It allowed boosting supervision in public areas and as a result, there is a decrease in vandalism, theft, and violence. Additionally, response times to emergencies have been improved.

The Ivideon Cloud solution resulted in a much higher sense of security leading to increased quality of life for the La Horqueta residents. Actually, there are 80 neighbors connected to the cloud but there is a plan to add more cameras and neighbors to the platform.