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In real-time using the cloud video surveillance service


Ivideon Server

Connect your webcams and IP cameras to the Ivideon Server and watch live video feeds and video archives* via the Internet and LAN.

Install Ivideon Server and watch your surveillance videos in your browser via your Ivideon account.

* Your video archive is stored locally on the computer you installed Ivideon Server on by default. If you need more security, you can store your video archive in our cloud. That way you'll be able to access it even if something happens to your computer.
To enable remote archive, sign in and go to My Services.

Ivideon Client

Ivideon Client offers access to the live video feeds and video archives from cameras attached to Ivideon Server or featuring built-in Ivideon software.

Ivideon Client lets you watch videos via the Internet or a LAN.