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A new approach to catering from Ivideon and Kerpak.



Will food delivery exist in the future? What are Micro Markets and what is their key difference from conventional vending machines? We use the Ivideon x Kerpak case as an example.

Indisputable fact: we cannot imagine life today without food delivery services. When we order a small meal from a restaurant, we do not even think how many resources it takes to deliver it to the consumer. And it is the best time for a change in this industry. Micro Markets are exactly the alternatives capable of meeting everyone's needs. Client waiting time and manufacturer labor resources are reduced. For example, Kerpak Micro Markets, developed based on the 'Store as a Service' principle, allow food manufacturers and food retail companies to fully monitor the sales of their products. An important advantage here is ergonomics. A Micro Market is under 0.5 square meters in area and can be installed in almost any space. On the one hand, Kerpak offers shopping through its Kerpak app or branded customer app, and on the other hand, it offers extensive functionality for managing product catalogs and outlets, as well as analytic data collection. Speaking of analytics, video surveillance is a big help when it comes to Micro Markets.

Why install a camera in a "public" refrigerator? The Kerpak Connect module with its built-in Ivideon service inside a Micro Market makes it possible to monitor the selling of the stock, and manage the quantity and assortment in a timely manner. Focusing on the needs of consumers of products from a specific Micro Market, you can perfectly adjust it to specific consumer needs.

The ability to quickly adjust the assortment to the target audience, saving time and money, improving ergonomics — all this creates a vision of the future market where high-tech solutions shape new models of consumption and interaction with customers.