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Video surveillance for escape rooms in Netherlands



Name - MyEscape.Club

Industry - entertainment (intelligectual games, escape rooms)

Ivideon product - Ivideon Standalone local license

Number of cameras: - 30

About the company: MyEscape.Club is a Netherlands-based company providing immersive escape room experiences and VR attractions. It is a leader in the TripAdvisor rankings for escape rooms and entertainment. MyEscape.Club arranges team-building activities, parties, and corporate events involving escape rooms. Customers are offered to take part in extraordinary activities, be it scientific experiments in the USSR or fighting to prevent the rise of the machines.

Problem: the client was looking for an inexpensive, standalone video surveillance system that would work without the Internet. The room administrator monitors customers as they solve puzzles and helps them by providing clues when necessary. The company owns multiple rooms holding up to five persons. Thus, the client needs to monitor what goes on in the rooms using dozens of cameras at once.

Solution: Ivideon Standalone stores videos from the escape room on site. The videos are transferred to the local server without using the Internet. The administrator can access the local archive in the event of an emergency. For example, if a customer cannot find props after leaving the room, they can view the video and find out where the props have been moved to. Customers feel more confident and secure if the cameras are on and the administrator is providing clues.

"We've been using the Ivideon solution for our escape rooms for quite a while. It is an outstanding solution that works across multiple platforms. I really like that you can connect several monitors to a single system unit and launch several client windows at once. It is a very user-friendly solution. You can easily add cameras from different manufacturers to the server. Currently, we are using up to 30 cameras simultaneously and they all work great."

Sergey Zakharchenko

CEO of MyEscape.Club