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Ivideon presented at IPVM's VSaaS Show, May 18, 2021 with over 20 companies presenting to IPVM members. Vera Romazanova, Business Development Manager together with Vic Saikovski, VP Business Development represented our recent releases including:


  • New Ivideon People module and Ivideon Analytics online dashboard
  • Human detection and Auto Tracking
  • Face blur

Viewing functionality

  • New Player for Web
  • Integrated Google Maps
  • New filters and event statuses
  • H.265 codec support announcement in Q4
  • Billing widgets

Installation functionality

  • Software licensing
  • Ivideon Server app update
  • Virtual cameras

IPVM experts moderated all presentations, asking critical questions about Ivideon new offerings and plans for the future. See the recording here https://ipvm.com/shows/458


Good news! We have improved our web client player to Version 2.0 and launched a mobile version! Thumbnails, quickly loading live feed and a lot more.

New features of the Ivideon player

Now, as you mouse over the archive timeline, thumbnails are displayed. Due to the average thumbnail generation time of under one second, you can quickly jump to any frame, highlight a time segment to be exported with seconds precision, and a lot more. With our new player, finding a frame when an object disappeared from the camera’s field of vision or an employee turned up in a workplace is even easier!


The player engine for live feed in the account

The new WSMSE engine has helped improve the live feed loading time, as well as player performance and stability. The maximum lag has been decreased to a few seconds to boost the efficiency of a video surveillance system operator or administrator.

Control of details

We paid extra attention to the interface customization.
- a new dark mode feature: to improve visual acceptability;
- no more buttons on top of the video: you can see the entire image and, if necessary, hide the buttons and the timeline;


- timeline in the full-screen mode: to help navigate through the video;


- when switching between cameras, the volume level and the PTZ status are saved: so you don't have to configure them every time;

To improve the data processing speed and user experience, Version 2.0 involves:

- hotkeys and jump backward/forward,



- separate local archive and cloud archive each with individual highlighters.


Mobile version

New player is available in the mobile version of the web application. Now you can watch your videos on the go even if you don't have the mobile app!



Industry - Electrical Engineering
Company - Power Design Inc
Ivideon Product - Ivideon Cloud, Ivideon-powered Wi-Fi IP cameras
Number of Cameras - 300+
Ivideon Video Analytics - Motion detection

Power Design is one of the leading Design-Build MEP Contractors and Systems Integrators in the US. The company has more than 300 active projects coast to coast where Ivideon has played an important role in implementing group projects and providing cloud video surveillance according to the company’s needs.


The goal is to provide regional project teams access to camera footage on the jobsite. Ivideon Cloud allows for remote monitoring from any device, fast and easy archive searching, and receiving smart push and email notifications about events. It gives the ability to unite cameras in one account by region, activate and deactivate the notifications, and provide cloud and local footage back ups. Ivideon Cloud caters to the various business needs of teams and customers.


Power Design’s security system has also been complemented by Ivideon Cloud video surveillance, providing remote monitoring of projects from anywhere in the world, from any device, and at any time when alarms and notifications are triggered. It has resulted in a considerable reduction in the losses caused by theft and vandalism.

“The reason we chose Ivideon Cloud Video Surveillance was because it is easy to implement. There is no need to be an IT Guru to understand how it works. We have chosen Ivideon Cloud Video Surveillance as this was easy to deploy using direct camera to cloud connection at the multiple sites and combining any number of geographically-distributed cameras into one system."

Daves Vargas‑Ballestero
IT Field Manager

Upgrade of the security system with the Ivideon Faces in Biggz store chain

Industry - Retail
Company - Biggz
Ivideon Product - Ivideon Bridge B-1610, Ivideon Cloud
Number of Cameras- 14
Ivideon Video Analytics- Face recognition

Biggz Store Chain

The Biggz store chain includes 13 retail outlets with a total area of more than 15,000 m2 located in Belarus. Every day, tens of thousands of people across the country go shopping there.

The leading store chain in Belarus faced the main issue of all retailers - petty theft. According to the Bigzz security service, in 2019, the chain spent up to 1.5% of the total turnover on ensuring the safety of inventory.

The local security system was unable to fight organized theft. The task was to develop the Bigzz security system almost from scratch. The Ivideon cloud service with face recognition analytics was implemented in test mode. As a result, Ivideon offered the most acceptable solution for AI-based face recognition.

Video surveillance operator gets data from 14 cameras installed in Biggz via an Internet channel. Their workplace is equipped with a video wall. An image from all video channels is displayed on the wall online. In case of theft, the responsible employee may prevent it himself or call for police.

The system can recognize faces from a database and send notifications to dedicated security personnel about the fact that the person of interest enters the store. This has resulted in the increase of security system efficiency.

Ivideon face recognition system helped the large store chain Bigzz reduce the number of losses from theft as well as reduced labor costs. After installing Ivideon Faces, the company stopped using the classic security guards scheme. It resulted in reduction in security staff funding by US$ 13,000.00 monthly. Monthly losses from theft fell down from 4% to 1%. At the same time, the number of detected cases of theft during the first month of use increased by 75%.

Project with the HERMES solution by Pontiradio PR and Ivideon

Industry - Critical Infrastructure
Ivideon Partner - Pontiradio PR, Italy
Customer - Italian Oil Company
Ivideon Product - Ivideon Cloud
Devices - Explosion-proof smartphones 300+

Gas station

The challenging project was implemented with the collaborative solution the HERMES by Pontriado PR, one of the largest Italian companies with a 50 years history of providing solutions and services to create and manage complex radio networks, and Ivideon — Cloud VMS.

The customer - an Oil company with 1500+ gas stations and over 300 trucks, requested to optimize the process of refueling of petrol tanks at gas stations. For safety reasons during the delivery and refilling process, every truck driver was supervised by a qualified person. An efficient solution was required to centralize the monitoring of tank refueling.

Now each driver has an explosion-proof Smartphone, connected to the Ivideon cloud platform with the IP Webcam app. When a truck enters a geo-fencing area, the driver's smartphone sends a notification to the Control Room and the live video streaming gets activated. Ivideon met all requirements: two-way communication, smartphone status monitoring, cross-platform solution that works with Windows, Android and Linux, etc.

Integration with Ivideon Cloud Video Surveillance application has allowed the real-time communication between the refueling truck operator and the control room personnel, remote monitoring using real-time video streaming, cloud retention of all events for the past 7 days, and automatic notification on entry and exit from the work areas. The Ivideon Cloud solution resulted in a significant saving in the number of man-hours. Now one driver is sufficient and there is no need for a supervisor to be on site.