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Name - MyEscape.Club

Industry - entertainment (intelligectual games, escape rooms)

Ivideon product - Ivideon Standalone local license

Number of cameras: - 30

About the company: MyEscape.Club is a Netherlands-based company providing immersive escape room experiences and VR attractions. It is a leader in the TripAdvisor rankings for escape rooms and entertainment. MyEscape.Club arranges team-building activities, parties, and corporate events involving escape rooms. Customers are offered to take part in extraordinary activities, be it scientific experiments in the USSR or fighting to prevent the rise of the machines.

Problem: the client was looking for an inexpensive, standalone video surveillance system that would work without the Internet. The room administrator monitors customers as they solve puzzles and helps them by providing clues when necessary. The company owns multiple rooms holding up to five persons. Thus, the client needs to monitor what goes on in the rooms using dozens of cameras at once.

Solution: Ivideon Standalone stores videos from the escape room on site. The videos are transferred to the local server without using the Internet. The administrator can access the local archive in the event of an emergency. For example, if a customer cannot find props after leaving the room, they can view the video and find out where the props have been moved to. Customers feel more confident and secure if the cameras are on and the administrator is providing clues.

"We've been using the Ivideon solution for our escape rooms for quite a while. It is an outstanding solution that works across multiple platforms. I really like that you can connect several monitors to a single system unit and launch several client windows at once. It is a very user-friendly solution. You can easily add cameras from different manufacturers to the server. Currently, we are using up to 30 cameras simultaneously and they all work great."

Sergey Zakharchenko

CEO of MyEscape.Club


Will food delivery exist in the future? What are Micro Markets and what is their key difference from conventional vending machines? We use the Ivideon x Kerpak case as an example.

Indisputable fact: we cannot imagine life today without food delivery services. When we order a small meal from a restaurant, we do not even think how many resources it takes to deliver it to the consumer. And it is the best time for a change in this industry. Micro Markets are exactly the alternatives capable of meeting everyone's needs. Client waiting time and manufacturer labor resources are reduced. For example, Kerpak Micro Markets, developed based on the 'Store as a Service' principle, allow food manufacturers and food retail companies to fully monitor the sales of their products. An important advantage here is ergonomics. A Micro Market is under 0.5 square meters in area and can be installed in almost any space. On the one hand, Kerpak offers shopping through its Kerpak app or branded customer app, and on the other hand, it offers extensive functionality for managing product catalogs and outlets, as well as analytic data collection. Speaking of analytics, video surveillance is a big help when it comes to Micro Markets.

Why install a camera in a "public" refrigerator? The Kerpak Connect module with its built-in Ivideon service inside a Micro Market makes it possible to monitor the selling of the stock, and manage the quantity and assortment in a timely manner. Focusing on the needs of consumers of products from a specific Micro Market, you can perfectly adjust it to specific consumer needs.

The ability to quickly adjust the assortment to the target audience, saving time and money, improving ergonomics — all this creates a vision of the future market where high-tech solutions shape new models of consumption and interaction with customers.


On June 3, we presented our new Partner program. Ivideon team together with the partners discussed new trends in the video surveillance market, presented the Ivideon product line, and shared some coming updates.

Ivideon's Partner Program has been updated considerably so that our partners can not only grow their customer network but also revisit previous projects to up-sale cloud services, and overall to fill a niche of the constantly growing Cloud VSaaS market.

The new Ivideon Partner Program includes:

  • “Authorized Reseller” Partner Status
  • Dedicated personal manager
  • Ivideon-sponsored product and sales training
  • Set-up of a continuous lead feed directly via Ivideon advertising resources
  • Rebate system awards (for Gold partners)
  • Point-based reward system (points to be exchanged for gifts, demo equipment, or additional rebates)
  • Reseller dashboard (web portal)
  • Tech support 24\7

Ivideon's top managers covered current IT trends, went into detail on the growth and dynamics of development in the video surveillance market and shared the company's development plans for the coming year focusing on the US and EMEA markets.
The representative of the DVS distributor, Ivideon partner in the UK that provides CCTV security solutions to trade and professional installers dealing with complex projects, addressed the conference.

David Davies, Chief Technology Officer at DVS (UK), shared the story of success with Ivideon:
“Two years ago we saw a gap in the market regarding cloud-based storage and we found Ivideon as a perfect solution. Ivideon Bridge is a very scalable solution, we don't have to do any preconfiguration, it’s a very easy deployment and a setup is very easy with the installer because we are not relying on a dedicated firmware anymore. The license model is very standardized now which DVS has recently adopted and it becomes even easier now to bring this to the customer base. The largest deployment that we have made recently is a public area where we had a council adopted your solution. They’ve deployed across a very large geographical area, centralized the video in one login portal, very easy to manage, very cost-effective, and easy to get the footage required.”

We invite you to join the Ivideon family and enroll into our Partner Program today! Fill in the form and get access to your Partner Dashboard:


Ivideon presented at IPVM's VSaaS Show, May 18, 2021 with over 20 companies presenting to IPVM members. Vera Romazanova, Business Development Manager together with Vic Saikovski, VP Business Development represented our recent releases including:


  • New Ivideon People module and Ivideon Analytics online dashboard
  • Human detection and Auto Tracking
  • Face blur

Viewing functionality

  • New Player for Web
  • Integrated Google Maps
  • New filters and event statuses
  • H.265 codec support announcement in Q4
  • Billing widgets

Installation functionality

  • Software licensing
  • Ivideon Server app update
  • Virtual cameras

IPVM experts moderated all presentations, asking critical questions about Ivideon new offerings and plans for the future. See the recording here https://ipvm.com/shows/458


Good news! We have improved our web client player to Version 2.0 and launched a mobile version! Thumbnails, quickly loading live feed and a lot more.

New features of the Ivideon player

Now, as you mouse over the archive timeline, thumbnails are displayed. Due to the average thumbnail generation time of under one second, you can quickly jump to any frame, highlight a time segment to be exported with seconds precision, and a lot more. With our new player, finding a frame when an object disappeared from the camera’s field of vision or an employee turned up in a workplace is even easier!


The player engine for live feed in the account

The new WSMSE engine has helped improve the live feed loading time, as well as player performance and stability. The maximum lag has been decreased to a few seconds to boost the efficiency of a video surveillance system operator or administrator.

Control of details

We paid extra attention to the interface customization.
- a new dark mode feature: to improve visual acceptability;
- no more buttons on top of the video: you can see the entire image and, if necessary, hide the buttons and the timeline;


- timeline in the full-screen mode: to help navigate through the video;


- when switching between cameras, the volume level and the PTZ status are saved: so you don't have to configure them every time;

To improve the data processing speed and user experience, Version 2.0 involves:

- hotkeys and jump backward/forward,



- separate local archive and cloud archive each with individual highlighters.


Mobile version

New player is available in the mobile version of the web application. Now you can watch your videos on the go even if you don't have the mobile app!