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Success Story. Gas Refilling Station Supplier, Italy.


Project with the HERMES solution by Pontiradio PR and Ivideon

Industry - Critical Infrastructure
Ivideon Partner - Pontiradio PR, Italy
Customer - Italian Oil Company
Ivideon Product - Ivideon Cloud
Devices - Explosion-proof smartphones 300+

Gas station

The challenging project was implemented with the collaborative solution the HERMES by Pontriado PR, one of the largest Italian companies with a 50 years history of providing solutions and services to create and manage complex radio networks, and Ivideon — Cloud VMS.

The customer - an Oil company with 1500+ gas stations and over 300 trucks, requested to optimize the process of refueling of petrol tanks at gas stations. For safety reasons during the delivery and refilling process, every truck driver was supervised by a qualified person. An efficient solution was required to centralize the monitoring of tank refueling.

Now each driver has an explosion-proof Smartphone, connected to the Ivideon cloud platform with the IP Webcam app. When a truck enters a geo-fencing area, the driver's smartphone sends a notification to the Control Room and the live video streaming gets activated. Ivideon met all requirements: two-way communication, smartphone status monitoring, cross-platform solution that works with Windows, Android and Linux, etc.

Integration with Ivideon Cloud Video Surveillance application has allowed the real-time communication between the refueling truck operator and the control room personnel, remote monitoring using real-time video streaming, cloud retention of all events for the past 7 days, and automatic notification on entry and exit from the work areas. The Ivideon Cloud solution resulted in a significant saving in the number of man-hours. Now one driver is sufficient and there is no need for a supervisor to be on site.