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Ivideon was presenting at the IPVM VSaaS Online Show, May 18, 2021



Ivideon presented at IPVM's VSaaS Show, May 18, 2021 with over 20 companies presenting to IPVM members. Vera Romazanova, Business Development Manager together with Vic Saikovski, VP Business Development represented our recent releases including:


  • New Ivideon People module and Ivideon Analytics online dashboard
  • Human detection and Auto Tracking
  • Face blur

Viewing functionality

  • New Player for Web
  • Integrated Google Maps
  • New filters and event statuses
  • H.265 codec support announcement in Q4
  • Billing widgets

Installation functionality

  • Software licensing
  • Ivideon Server app update
  • Virtual cameras

IPVM experts moderated all presentations, asking critical questions about Ivideon new offerings and plans for the future. See the recording here