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Join us for Dahua Technology Partner Day!


On 13th-14th, October 2021, we are taking part in Dahua Technology Partner Day "Building a Digital Future".

Relying on Ivideon’s 11 years of experience and our solid expertise in cloud technologies, Ivideon Business Development Manager, Vera Romazanova is going to showcase how to utilize VSaaS solutions for business analysis and security monitoring.

The topic: Ivideon VSaaS for Small & Medium Business

We will cover:

  • What solutions Ivideon provides to SMB;
  • Business cases recently implemented with Dahua;
  • Partner program benefits.

The Partner Day will bring together 22 global speakers and leaders of the innovative industry and business sectors, who will share their insights into the trends in the security ecosystem and define security risk-oriented patterns and functional solutions to security threats.

Ivideon's goal is to commodify video monitoring services worldwide and provide a personalized approach and its top-notch equipment to clients in demand of efficient video analytics.

We invite you to join us and register for the sessions at the link: