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Cloud Video Surveillance

Stay one step ahead and keep an eye on your business and employees anywhere, any time and from any device.

Smart analytics

You enjoy the practically unlimited computing power. Our data centres can cope even with the most complex video analysis algorithms.

Active notifications

Ivideon makes sure you are aware of anything suspicious happening, saving time spent scrolling through recordings. Support for motion and sound detection and external sensors.

Integration with third-party business apps

Would you like to start recording and manage Ivideon to match up with events pulled from cash registers, access control systems or fire and security alarms? That couldn’t be easier than with Ivideon API.

Two-minute set up

Ivideon is easy to set up, maintain, and scale, no matter how many locations you have. It can easily cope with any number of cameras. Whether you’re setting up a few cameras in a small store or several thousand in a major retail chain, Ivideon has your needs covered.

Remote surveillance for businesses of any size

Ivideon lets you quickly equip any number of locations with video surveillance, connecting them all to a system that offers access from anywhere in the world.

Rollout and support is cheaper with us

Ivideon’s cloud architecture lets us equip our distributed data centers with powerful computing and data storage nodes. That means our team can offer reliable, round-the-clock service so you don’t have to spend money on an in-house team.

Ivideon cloud-based cameras

Ivideon cloud-based cameras are fully functional IP cameras capable of interacting directly with the company’s modern cloud service. They represent the simplest and most reliable way to enhance any location with video surveillance, all while skipping the need for video servers, computers, and other specialized hardware.

Nobelic NBLC-2230F 2MP IP Camera with PoE support

Nobelic NBLC-2230F 2MP IP Camera with PoE support

Nobelic NBQ-1210F 2MP Wi-Fi Indoor IP Camera

Nobelic NBQ-1210F 2MP Wi-Fi Indoor IP Camera

Nobelic NBLC-3230F 2MP IP Camera with PoE support

Nobelic NBLC-3230F 2MP IP Camera with PoE support

Looking for suitable camera?

Video Analytics

Face Recognition
Ivideon Faces

Face Recognition

Get everything in one click: your visitors’ gender, age, and emotional state. Unique and new visitors recognition — reports by days and hours. Create lists of visitors, staff, VIP customers, or unwanted visitors. Spot thieves in real time thanks to our incredibly accurate face-recognition system.

People Counting
Ivideon Cloud Counter

People Counting

Cloud based people counter become a multi-tool with Ivideon. Dashboard compiles everything you need in one place, filters objects based on analysis of 3D scene with 95% accuracy of statistics. Optimize your traffic, staff and marketing strategies to increase conversion rates and profit.

Queue Detector
Ivideon Queues

Queue Detector

Helps increase customer loyalty by automatically sending notifications when there are crowds of people present and creating detailed reports on queues for proactive adjustments.

Access Control
Ivideon Access Control

Access Control

Access Control allows you to configure contactless access to premises using high-precision face recognition technology. If a face matches a profile from the whitelist, the camera automatically opens the door or turnstile.

License Plate Recognition
Ivideon ANPR

License Plate Recognition

Automatically identifies vehicles entering specified areas or roads supported by quick license plate recognition, collection of video recordings and statistics on passing traffic.

An extra step for business

Hybrid system for data storage

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your videos are stored locally and in the cloud—even if your location is equipped with multiple cameras with weak data connections.

Apps built on a single platform

We develop mobile, desktop, and web applications for easy access to cameras and data on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android.


You can use Ivideon’s unique technology to set up a live feed or even access to recordings for anyone and everyone visiting your site in less than a minute. Our data centers handle the added traffic.

Multilevel system redundancy

Ivideon developed and implemented a system guaranteeing data security and uninterrupted service for video surveillance cameras. The company has more than 15 data centers around the world ready to pick up the slack whenever a hub fails.

Data savings

Ivideon lets you avoid constantly recording to the cloud and the data usage that entails, instead only saving events that trigger the motion detector, the sound detector, or external sensors.

Mapping surveillance locations

Mark locations on a map and enjoy easy access to them as well as our fast search tool.

Become a channel partner. Introducing the Ivideon Partner Program

The Ivideon Partner Program creates new paths to profitability, enabling distributors and integrators to earn residual income on every Ivideon service plan they sell with each camera sold or reinstalled.

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