Collect data for growing your business

In real-time using the cloud video surveillance service

Ivideon will replace your baby monitor with something much more powerful. Keep an eye on your child not only from the next room, but also when you are away from home. We make it easy for you to call your kids and ask them to stop watching TV and get back to their homework.

Smart notifications
Feedback function
Simple installation

You can relax, safe in the knowledge that your home is under the watchful eye of Ivideon. If there is a sound or movement where it shouldn’t be, Ivideon will immediately alert you, record the incident, and securely store the recording.

Easy five-minute setup
Autonomous and computer-independent
Wi-Fi or Ethernet enabled

Do you miss Fido? Or maybe you’re wondering what happened to your slipper while you were gone? Maybe you just want to make Speckles a YouTube star? Ivideon is what you’re looking for.

Access videos from any device
Connection to the internet without wires
Communicating with pets through the camera

Do you hire a cleaner or have a babysitter watching your kids for you? Perhaps you’re having work done on your house? Ivideon lets you stop worrying; after all, you can be completely sure that everything is okay.

Customizable push notifications
Storing your video archive in the cloud
Easy video download to any device

Simple installation

All you need is a power outlet and Wi-Fi
Included with the camera: magnetic base and mounting kit
To connect, simply download the application to your smartphone and place the QR code to in front of camera

Privacy and security

  • Security


    Storing data in the cloud will let you to download your video even if an intruder gains access to the camera. Ivideon uses strong TLS encryption.

  • Privacy


    You can disable archive recording to the cloud at any time, or set it up so it only records video according to a schedule.

Your cameras are always within reach

Cameras hooked up to Ivideon are accessible from any device, including everything from computers to smartphones. Our iPhone and Android apps are even best in class, earning top marks from users.

Watch the video feed in real time
Audio communication allows you to communicate in the push-to-talk mode
View the video archive
Share videos instantly via messengers
Receive push notifications with customizable events
Get video access from anywhere in the world