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Heatmaps – a new product from Ivideon!


Ivideon has introduced a new product designed to identify the most popular areas and analyze shelving data.

Who is the product for?

The solution is in high demand within the retail and restaurant business. Ivideon Heatmaps helps identify hot spots at retail outlets, analyze shelving data for further optimization, analyze customer flow in the field of view, and display it using a color scheme. The most intense flow captured by the camera is highlighted in warm red and, vice versa, areas with the minimum flow are marked with a cool blue color.

How does Ivideon Heatmaps help businesses?

Heatmaps detect dead zones in display areas where customer activity is low. Once the dead zones are detected, the retailer can reposition products in order to improve sales. Ivideon Heatmaps helps plan the arrangement of retail areas and identify the need for additional racks. The solution helps determine customer flow patterns and identify the hottest spots.

Statistics collected using Heatmaps help to evenly distribute the customer flow in display areas and "cool" the "overheated" spots.

Finally, the solution helps evaluate the appeal of specific items. Using Ivideon Heatmaps, the store manager can determine which items arouse no customer interest and remove them, making room for new products.

Data presented in the form of a heat map is much easier to analyze than an array of numerical data. For that reason, professionals rely on this solution as it helps build an effective marketing strategy.

Advantages of Ivideon Heatmaps:

One of the key advantages of Ivideon Heatmaps is that you can activate the subscription for as little as a month in a few minutes. This option allows huge companies to quickly and cheaply start testing business hypotheses without a long budget approval process.

Besides, Ivideon Heatmaps is integrated into the existing unified system right from the beginning. Any user can access Heatmaps through a single interface or a single app.