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Web application update: camera groups now available



It’s autumn, and that means new releases are dropping like leaves from the trees! We added support for camera groups to business users of the Ivideon web application. In previous versions, the only good way to manage groups of cameras was to use the Ivideon Desktop Client.

This update will be a boon for everyone out there working with large numbers of cameras spread across multiple locations. You can now just log into the Ivideon web application to check out, create, edit, move, and delete camera groups, and soon you’ll even be able to share access to them with other users. Go check it out:

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When you have a lot of cameras and people, managing the whole mess can be challenging. Our new camera group functionally is a great tool that fixes that problem.


Business customers will see that the My Cameras section has been split into Groups and Devices.

The side panel in the Groups tab shows your group tree.

Groups and cameras are split into three sections:

  • My Groups: the groups belonging to you
  • Ungrouped: the cameras you have that haven’t been added to any groups, all of which are lumped under the servers they’re housed on
  • Shared with me: the cameras and groups other users have given you access to


You just use the context menu, which is available in the content area, to manage your groups. Users can create groups, rename them, nest them within other groups, delete them, and edit which cameras are included in which groups.


The content area in the Groups tab is split into the same sections as the side panel. There are two camera display modes supported:

  • In full mode, cameras in the content area are split into groups
  • In compact mode, the cameras in each section are displayed in a single list

Go check it out: