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New Ivideon Client version: digital zoom and other changes



Ivideon Client, just like the web application, lets users watch live feeds and their footage archive from cameras linked to Ivideon Server as well as cameras with Ivideon built in. Videos can be watched via a local area network or online.

After hearing from you, Ivideon Desktop Client 6.4.0 now includes digital zoom during video playback. It’s operated with your mouse wheel, the slider, or by selecting a specific area within the frame, and that means many of you can skip buying a camera with a zoom feature since you can just use our software. Zoom is available both for live feeds and archived video.

But that’s not all.

Digital zoom lets you expand a particular part of the frame when you’re watching archived video or live feeds. Here’s how you do that for a camera or layout:

  • Select the area you want to expand
  • Use your mouse wheel or touchpad
  • Use the slider

When you switch over to another camera/layout or close the app, the video zooms back out.

Digital zoom doesn’t reset your frame display parameters. In other words, when you zoom back out, the display matches the parameters you started with.

When you have two or more identical cameras in a layout, zooming in on one does not zoom in on the others.

You cannot control PTZ cameras when you are zoomed in.

The application is also significantly faster when launching, searching for cameras, and working with camera groups. You also asked for the ability to rename cloud servers and cameras, and we delivered.

An All Cameras layout (for accounts with no more than 36 cameras) was added. It’s generated every time you launch the application rather than being stored in the cloud.

Versions for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X are all available: