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Big changes for Ivideon Server 3.5.9



We’ve spent months testing Ivideon Server 3.5.9 (really, with the number of changes we’ve made, we could call it version 4.0.0), and it’s finally ready for release. This version includes full support for IP cameras and DVRs using the ONVIF protocol, which all modern IP cameras, DVRs, and NVRs offer.

Offering ONVIF means that you can connect any cameras or other devices that meet the protocol’s standards to a single system, significantly expanding the range of hardware you can use.

And that isn’t all.

ONVIF, the Open Network Video Interface Forum, was founded by Axis Communications, Bosch Security Systems, and Sony in order to develop and proliferate an open standard for network surveillance systems. They created a standardized protocol that lets different kinds of hardware and software (IP cameras, IP coders, DVRs, access controllers, etc.) interact with each other.

Full support for ONVIF unlocks new functionality for Ivideon Server users. Here’s what the new version introduces:

  • We redid the tool for finding and adding new devices, making it more user-friendly. Ivideon Server now automatically finds and connects most ONVIF-compatible cameras and pulls more information from them about motion detection and protocol substreams, significantly reducing the load placed on the processor and letting you connect even more cameras.
  • We added device information, including type, manufacturer, model, S/N, and Mac.
  • We added management for IP cameras that support PTZ via ONVIF.

More hardware types, including motion detectors and PTZ cameras, are now supported, and we took care of the issue of supporting individual protocols developed by device manufacturers.

We also reworked the subsystem for recording to a local archive, boosting performance and reliability. That is particularly important for when you want to record from a large number of cameras simultaneously, as you can now have more of them without adding hardware.

Performance has improved, and we added a database that will let us develop new features for upcoming versions of Ivideon Server. Of course, there were a bunch of small technical changes and bug fixes as well.

Download Ivideon Server 3.5.9