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Mobile camera layouts in Ivideon Client 2.11.0 for iOS


iOS gets camera layouts!

Ivideon’s iOS app is used by quite a few of our customers every day, generally business owners and managers who aren’t near their computers but need fast access to an overview of their office or other location.


The new functionality lets you see several cameras on one screen, cutting down on battery drain and the data you use.


Up to 36 cameras can be added to each layout. You can create an unlimited number of layouts, and cameras can be added to multiple layouts.

As well, the mobile app lets you check in on the layouts you create using the Ivideon Client for Windows/Linux/MacOS, viewing and editing them as needed.


To make things easier for tablets, layouts were adapted for easy viewing on iPads.


The new version of the Ivideon iOS app is already available for download.

Layouts are also available in the Android app as well as the Ivideon Client for Windows/Linux/MacOS.