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Massive update to the Ivideon player



Good news! We have improved our web client player to Version 2.0 and launched a mobile version! Thumbnails, quickly loading live feed and a lot more.

New features of the Ivideon player

Now, as you mouse over the archive timeline, thumbnails are displayed. Due to the average thumbnail generation time of under one second, you can quickly jump to any frame, highlight a time segment to be exported with seconds precision, and a lot more. With our new player, finding a frame when an object disappeared from the camera’s field of vision or an employee turned up in a workplace is even easier!


The player engine for live feed in the account

The new WSMSE engine has helped improve the live feed loading time, as well as player performance and stability. The maximum lag has been decreased to a few seconds to boost the efficiency of a video surveillance system operator or administrator.

Control of details

We paid extra attention to the interface customization.
- a new dark mode feature: to improve visual acceptability;
- no more buttons on top of the video: you can see the entire image and, if necessary, hide the buttons and the timeline;


- timeline in the full-screen mode: to help navigate through the video;


- when switching between cameras, the volume level and the PTZ status are saved: so you don't have to configure them every time;

To improve the data processing speed and user experience, Version 2.0 involves:

- hotkeys and jump backward/forward,



- separate local archive and cloud archive each with individual highlighters.


Mobile version

New player is available in the mobile version of the web application. Now you can watch your videos on the go even if you don't have the mobile app!