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A serious look at talking about you


How do you talk about yourself in a way that is attention-grabbing in its refreshing originality? While it sometimes seems like there is nothing new under the sun, we have an idea: what about using video surveillance?

It’s time to stop pigeon-holing video surveillance as something only security professionals need to worry about, and it’s time to stop thinking of it as tricky and expensive. It can be so much more once it breaks that mold, something Ivideon has done a great job proving.

The company’s cloud-based video surveillance offers an intriguing bit of functionality: users can embed feeds directly into their sites and blogs. Not only that, but site visitors can enjoy both live feeds and archived recordings, something that keeps them tuned into the here and now without losing the ability to check back into what happened just a little while ago. In short, the entire storyline is spread out right before their eyes.

Let’s look at some ways you can benefit from embedded feeds.


1. As an innovative marketing tool

Transparency is what brings people in the door: Potential clients can see their way to trusting your business if they know there won’t be any surprises along the way.

That type of complete openness makes for a great selling point when it comes to cafes, restaurants, clubs, and the like. It’s an excellent opportunity to show how much people enjoy spending time there, and fresh, uncut video makes the best kind of advertising. For example, every kitchen in the Dodo Pizza chain is equipped with Ivideon’s video surveillance, letting clients see with their own eyeshow pristine the kitchen is. They can enjoy watching how only the best ingredients are used in gorgeously sanitary conditions.

Dodo pizza

Quite a few European and Russian hotels subscribe to the same approach. All tourists have to do is visit the website for a glimpse of how the hotel is laid out and designed, the view from the window, the pool, and the beach. And while a picture may be worth a thousand words, a live feed is priceless. That type of transparency builds trust, respect, and recognition.

Hotel in Crimea

The cloud recording archive lets clients check out what’s been going on lately even if the doors are closed for the night.

2. As a great way to spread information

Built-in cameras backed by a cloud archive can be a powerful tool when it comes to keeping people informed. After all, seeing for yourself beats hearing it from someone else any day. Widely varying feeds are gaining popularity, explaining why this is the reason most people sign up for Ivideon’s cloud archive service. Just do a Google News search for “powered by Ivideon” and scroll through link after link to online feeds and archived recordings.

Powered by Ivideon

3. As a source of information or entertainment

The entertainment and education worlds are two more intriguing applications for built-in cameras. Video feeds from areas of interest can give viewers something to pass the time or even a fascinating peek into a previously hidden world.

In May 2015 Ivideon and the Russian Raptor Research and Conservation Network launched a joint project focusing on owls. It was a great opportunity for ornithologists measuring owlet growth and development as well as amateurs who just enjoy watching the adorable little birds.

Ivideon also worked on a similar project with Cats & People, the first cafe in Moscow where patrons can enjoy the company of some feline friends: as of August 21, 2015, cat lovers everywhere can check in to see how their four-legged friends at the cafe are doing. The cloud archive makes it possible to travel through time and see what happened at particular moments in the past.

Ultimately, there are any number of reasons for embedding camera feeds into a website or blog. If you own something out of the ordinary, are organizing an event, or simply have something you want to show, let’s make it happen! All it takes is a little imagination for cloud-based video surveillance to unlock new aspects of what you do both for your clients and even for you yourself.