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Ivideon’s year in review


We’re just about to wrap up what has been a critical and productive year, and we’d like to take a couple of minutes to look back on it with you. It’s what everyone does this time of year, and we’re happy to say that it’s something we can look forward to.

New year 2016

  1. On June 2 we signed an agreement at the end of a round of investment that brought in $4 million, and, though the money certainly was a huge boon, having the professionals at Impulse VC come on board has been key to pushing our business ever higher.

  2. We joined forces with the Oco Group, offering Oco Wi-Fi cameras with the Ivideon service built in that launched in March and instantly captured the hearts and recognition of users.

  3. But that wasn’t the end of the story! Oco cameras are taking over the European and American markets, sold there by major retailers from Walmart and Target to Fry’s Electronics and Best Buy. And all it took was less than eight months!

  4. We launched Ivideon Counter, a smart video counter we developed with Elvees to both count visitors and provide a video feed.

  5. We released updates for our Android-, iOS-, and desktop apps as well as firmware for PTZ cameras. Life just keeps getting better and better for Ivideon users!

  6. We also launched a new iOS app: Ivigram. It’s our little teleport taking you anywhere in the world.

  7. We integrated with IFTTT to enrich our service with more features and make it even smarter!

  8. We had the opportunity to share our experience and get together with wonderful, talented people at a number of fascinating exhibitions: MIPS-2015, Analog or IP? New Video Surveillance Technology, [TechTrends Expo](/, Microfinancing. Version 2.0. Reloaded, ADCAC&AIPBIT-2015, and many others.

  9. Philips cameras with the Ivideon service built in were presented at IFA 2015.

  10. We launched universal video surveillance kits, special products aimed particularly at beating the crisis, that enjoyed success in both the B2B and B2C segments.

  11. We implemented any number of fun, feel-good projects that still put a smile on people’s faces today: owls, meerkats, Tanya the squirrel, and many more!

What’s on tap?

What’s on tap?

  • Third-party developers will be able to integrate with us once we launch our API and SDK!

  • We’ll integrate with smart home systems to make them even smarter.

  • New hardware will be released with the Ivideon service already on board.

  • We plan to update our PC client.

  • There’s a whole lot more in the works, so stick with us to make sure you’re at the front of the line to learn more!

Thanks for being with us this year! You give us the drive to make ourselves better every day.

From the whole Ivideon team, have a wonderful holiday season! May you leave troubles and cares behind in the old year and look forward to a 2016 that moves only and ever forward!

Here’s to another fantastic year together!