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Paxton, the global brand of electronic access control and video intercom systems has announced that its cloud-based access control solution, Paxton BLU now integrates with Ivideon, a cloud-based video surveillance company.

The integration between Paxton BLU and Ivideon allows dealers to provide their customers with a powerful and flexible security solution. The two combined offer centralized management, video verification of access events, and increased system functionality. Users can log into a single platform to view and manage video events through a smartphone, tablet, or PC with Internet connection, enabling them to respond quickly to incidents that may occur.

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There are plenty of new features being added to the service that are going to make our clients’ lives much easier, especially if they have a lot of cameras to their name. Here are the highlights:

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Everything you need to know about the latest from Ivideon.

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CISCO* studies show that 52% of customers prefer self-service systems, even more going for stores where the lines aren’t as long.

For many chains, having around three people in line at any given time is the norm. It’s when the number starts to break that threshold for a cash register or some other important location in the store that something needs to be done.

Of course, business owners know what happens next: you open another register, you incentivize your cashiers, and you hook up new bar code scanners.

Getting rid of lines

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Comprehensive How to Guide of Ivideon accounts and features from our UK distribution partners DVS LTD. Recomended for the global team of Ivideon distributing and installing partners as well as to the end users. Please contact sales@dvs.co.uk or partner@ivideon.com should you have any questions.