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Ivideon 4G video surveillance system for transport


surveillance system for transport

Industry – Cargo transportation
Company – Eurasia Cargo Express
Ivideon product – 2 dome cameras, vandal-resistant, an IP camera, PoE, IR LED (up to 20 m), NBLC-2221F-MSD 2 + cloud storage + SD card (64 GB)

About the company

Eurasia Cargo Express – a transport company engaged in the transportation of high-value commodities, computer and household appliances, and high-value mailpieces, with various packaging types, delivery times, and loading/unloading methods.

For transport companies it is important to ensure the safety of the transported goods from the moment of loading to unloading and to ensure driver protection against theft during transportation.

Video surveillance systems usually upload recordings to the cloud, where they are stored for 7 to 30 days.


The client was looking for providing remote online monitoring of cargo safety from loading to unloading and preventing fraudulent manipulations of cargo (by storekeepers/drivers)

There was a need to ensure the security of the video archive by connecting the Ivideon cloud storage service for investigating theft and incidents of damage.

Also it was necessary to determine the cause of damages that have happened during transportation.


For addressing the tasks in hand, a 4G router was installed in the cabin of each vehicle, and cameras capable of recording the archive on SD cards were installed in the body. If the internet connection is poor, the video archive will be saved on an SD card and uploaded to the cloud seamlessly when the internet becomes available.

transport surveillance explanation

The system receives power when the vehicle is started. The cameras start recording the archive on an SD card while simultaneously uploading the archive to the cloud.

Once the engine is stopped, the shutdown timer is activated. That means the video surveillance system will operate for two more hours, powered by the vehicle battery. That is enough for the cameras to record the unloading of a high-value cargo.

Even if the vehicle drives through areas with poor cellular or Internet reception, the archive will keep recording to the memory card. Uploading will resume when a cellular signal is strong again or you connect to a Wi-Fi network with high-speed Internet (for example, when the vehicle arrives at the depot).

The memory card holds several days of local archive storage. This is enough time to reach a place with a strong Internet connection. The two-way archive recording system allows for lossless data recording.

“The solution by Ivideon helped complete our main task, which is eliminating the possibility of uncontrolled interference in the loading and unloading process by both drivers and employees of warehouses and other sites, including commercial sites; protecting the driver from complaints when they are not at fault; uploading video recordings to the cloud during the transportation of high-value cargoes; and providing a detailed analysis of disputed situations. This monitoring option insures us against theft, damage, and the destruction of records in cases of force-majeure and acts of fraud on the part of drivers. Uninterrupted recording helps maintain high standards of service when dealing with the highest-value cargo.”

Ruslan Vidov, CEO and Founder of Eurasia Cargo Express