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CISCO* studies show that 52% of customers prefer self-service systems, even more going for stores where the lines aren’t as long.

For many chains, having around three people in line at any given time is the norm. It’s when the number starts to break that threshold for a cash register or some other important location in the store that something needs to be done.

Of course, business owners know what happens next: you open another register, you incentivize your cashiers, and you hook up new bar code scanners.

Getting rid of lines

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Comprehensive How to Guide of Ivideon accounts and features from our UK distribution partners DVS LTD. Recomended for the global team of Ivideon distributing and installing partners as well as to the end users. Please contact sales@dvs.co.uk or partner@ivideon.com should you have any questions.


Customers who spend a lot of time waiting in lines are less likely to return to those stores. Studies show that 80–90% of clients faced with long queues would just prefer to take their business and revenue elsewhere.

Queues at retail stores totaling an hour a day cut daily revenue by more than 10%, sabotaging loyalty and speaking to deeper staffing problems. But employees don’t like admitting that there are queues or think of them as incidental, since they don’t want to deal with negative attention from the main office or new rules streamlining their work.

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Integration functionality includes the features, loved by many customers all over the world:

  • Possibility of quick direct connection to Ivideon cloud via client account for web or smartphone app. There is no need to install an NVR or server;

  • Live video and audio with customisable quality;

  • Playback and remote backup of local archive from a SD-card via Ivideon client applications;

  • Remote setting up of video, audio, security and motion detection parameters;

  • Continuous and event-triggered recording to cloud;

  • Remote PTZ control;

  • Public broadcasting via Ivideon;

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