How to record video with the sound and not the movement?

Yes, video recording only when sound detected is possible using the cameras that have been added to Ivideon Server for MacOS X and Windows.


  1. Install Ivideon Server.
  2. Connect an IP or web camera.

    How to connect an IP camera to Ivideon Server?

    How to connect a web camera to Ivideon Server?

  3. Right-click on the name of the camera in Ivideon Server and select "Settings".

  4. In the next window, go to "Sound Detector" tab:

    If the sound level exceeds the trigger threshold, the archive recording will begin. For your convenience, the sound level, at which the detector will not be triggered, is highlighted in green, and the sound level, at which the detector will be triggered - in red.

  5. After the required parameters are set, press "OK" and start the server.

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