How can I pay for Ivideon services using a promotional code?

How can I pay for Ivideon services using a promotional code?

Promo codes for Ivideon services allow users to top up their accounts with bonus funds. Bonus funds are spent when the real funds run out. Bonus funds are tied to the currency of the account (that is, if the currency of your account is rubles, you will not be able to activate the promotional code in the United States dollars). Bonus funds cannot be withdrawn from the system or refunded.

Promotional code activation instructions

1. Go to "My Bill".

Here you can subscribe to Ivideon rate plans. Click on "Activate and pay for services".

2. Click on the "Change" button:

By default, you are subscribed to the "Online" rate plan.

3. Select the rate plan subscription

You have a difficult choice to make: storing your video in Ivideon cloud archive! Select the rate plan and click "Activate".

4. Enter the promotional code

Enter the promotional code in the "Promo Code" field.

Done! Now the bonuses are credited to your Ivideon account. Use them to activate your rate plan subscription.

What equipment is Ivideon compatible with?

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