Requirements to the Internet bandwidth and traffic consumption

Requirements to the Internet bandwidth and consumption

The required Internet bandwidth depends on three parameters:
- Camera resolution
- Frame rate
- Image Quality (compression)

By managing these three parameters, you can choose the best balance between image quality and bandwidth consumption.

With a rate of 25 frames/sec for the specified versions of standard resolution and image quality (compression ratio), bandwidth requirements for one camera are as follows:

Resolution \ Image quality High Medium Low
1280х720 (1Mpx) 1.5 Mb/s 1 Mb/s 0.75 Mb/s
1920x1080 (2Mpx) 2 Mb/s 1.2 Mb/s 0.8 Mb/s
2048x1536 (3Mpx) 3 Mb/s 1.8 Mb/s 1.2 Mb/s
2592x1728 (4Mpx) 4 Mb/s 2.5 Mb/s 1.5 Mb/s
*These data are intended for recommendation purposes only

To reduce the load on the Internet channel, you can reduce the frame rate (for example, from 25 to 20 frames per second)

Please note that the camera uses Internet traffic only when viewing online videos, saving archive records in the cloud and when the motion or sound detector is triggered and the events are saved in the cloud.

When videos are not viewed from cameras or recorded to the cloud, the traffic is less than 1MB per week (exchange of service information of your server with our data centers).