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Ivideon Help Center

Ivideon is a smart Internet-based video surveillance solution

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Software and Products

  • Ivideon Server
    Software for connecting cameras to the Ivideon cloud service
  • Ivideon Client
    Clients for viewing online videos on
    Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android

What equipment is Ivideon compatible with?

Ivideon cloud service can be connected to virtually any camera or video recorder (NVR/DVR).

Connection diagrams:

Especially for you, we have designed IP cameras and recorders that allow you to
connect to Ivideon directly:

Naturally, you can connect any camera.
To do this, you need to install the Ivideon Server
software on your computer that runs on Windows, MacOS or Linux and then connect the camera using this software:

Supported equipment:

Cameras and video recorders with integrated Ivideon SW

We strive to provide you with the best possible service. Therefore, we recommend that you refrain from using legacy analog cameras.
You can connect analog cameras only using an IP video recorder (DVR).

How to connect a camera/video recorder to Ivideon?

Step-by-step instructions for connecting your equipment to Ivideon and answers to frequently asked questions.

Instructions for connecting web cameras (USB) and built-in cameras via Ivideon Server

Start working with Ivideon video surveillance cloud service

In this section, we have put together all the necessary information

Ivideon account/Personal account

Register an account, select the type of account, restore access and basic settings.

Technical and system requirements

Supported equipment.
Requirements to the Internet bandwidth.
Ivideon firmware for cameras.

Ivideon Server.
Software for connecting the equipment

Instructions for connecting cameras to Ivideon and working with Ivideon Server.

Ivideon Client.
Viewing video on your PC

Setup of the local operator workplace for Windows, Linux, MacOS.

Mobile applications for viewing video on iOS/Android platforms

Rate plans and licenses

Selecting a rate plan, connecting a rate plan for the camera.

Notifications on sound/movement in the frame

Similarly to setup of push and email notifications for movement/sound. Managing the zone of movement detection and detector sensitivity.

Recording video in the archive

How to record and store the video archive in the cloud from 1 to 6 months. How to download and save the video.

Management of access rights

How to provide other Ivideon users with access to cameras and limit the rights >>>

Publication of the video broadcast in the Internet

How to share the video broadcast on your website or share the link with other users

Contacting Ivideon Technical Support Team

Did not find a solution or an answer to your question? Drop us a line, and we will help you out!
Ask our Technical Support Specialist for help