How to connect an IP camera to Ivideon Server?

How to connect an IP camera to Ivideon Server?

Method 1. Manually

  1. Download and install Ivideon Server on your computer.
  2. Open Ivideon Server (if it is running, press "Stop" button).
  3. Right-click on the "IP cameras" line.
  4. Select "Add IP camera".
  5. Enter camera name.
  6. Select manufacturer. To avoid scrolling down a long list, enter the first letter in its name.
  7. Select camera model.
  8. Enter camera IP address (for example, How do I find out my IP address?
  9. Enter login and password for your camera web interface. Standard logins and passwords for IP cameras.
  10. Set additional parameters (non-standard port for incoming video and audio, RTSP transport), if necessary. If everything was specified correctly, a video from the camera will open after the "View" button (an eye) is pressed.
  11. Click "OK" to confirm the changes.

Method 2. Automatically

  1. If your IP camera supports UPnP, you can try finding it using the built-in Ivideon Server network scanner.
  2. To search for a camera using Ivideon Server, right-click on the "IP cameras" line.
  3. Select "Search IP cameras (UPnP)".

And that is it! Now you can watch videos from your camera remotely via the Internet.

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To connect an IP camera, you need to know its IP address, login, password, manufacturer and model. To delete a camera, right-click on its name in the list and and press "Delete". If at some point in time you do not need this camera anymore, right-click on it in the list and press "Do not use this camera". When you need to use this camera again, you can always change the settings by pressing the "Use this camera" button.

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