How to use a webcam in two applications at the same time?

Sometimes you need to use the same webcam for Ivideon video surveillance and, for example, to communicate on Skype. Since a web camera can operate only in one application, you will have to install a special splitter program, which will create a copy of your camera. For example, a free ManyCam application.

Instructions for use:

  1. Turn Skype and Ivideon Server off.
  2. Download and install ManyCam.
  3. Launch ManyCam. Your camera will be automatically added to ManyCam.
  4. Open Ivideon Server and configure the use of the ManyCam virtual camera, not the real one; to do this: right-click on the name of your real camera and "ManyCam Video Source" and select "Do not use this camera". Ivideon Server will now use the virtual camera "ManyCam Virtual Webcam". 1
  5. Start Skype and also configure the virtual camera.

Done. Now both Ivideon Server and Skype will use your camera at the same time.

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