What is Ivideon Server?

What is Ivideon Server?

Ivideon Server is a video surveillance software designed to connect web and IP cameras to Ivideon service.

Ivideon Server is available as:

Features available for Ivideon Server users

With Ivideon Server, users can:

  • store their video archives in the cloud (if the user selected and paid for the rate plan that includes the cloud archive.), locally or in a hybrid manner;
  • configure the video recording process: continuously, based on a schedule, based on detection;
  • create a new configuration for cameras, as well as copy and restore it;
  • adjust the volume of outbound traffic and image quality for web cameras, and save the balance that works best for the user;
  • take advantage of Ivideon cloud surveillance features.

Installation of Ivideon Server firmware on your IP camera will ensure:

  • security of data through SSL encryption;
  • access to the camera from anywhere in the world from a user-friendly device via Ivideon cloud;
  • live video broadcast for an unlimited number of users;
  • that a computer is not necessary: your camera becomes an independent party to the video surveiilance system.

Can Ivideon Server be installed on my OS?
How to install Ivideon Server on Windows, OS X and Linux

You can view online videos and the video archive remotely in your personal account on www.ivideon.com or using the free application Ivideon Client.

  • Ivideon Server and its updates are completely free for all users. It is a fully functional version without ads and without any time limitations.
  • Ivideon Server firmware and its updates are also free. You will only have to pay for a license to Ivideon SW for cameras.

What equipment is Ivideon compatible with?