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Ivideon out in the world: face recognition, visitor counting, and migrating to the cloud



Ivideon was at Dahua Technology Partner Day in Madrid, the theme of which was Create Smart Solutions Together, to present new video analytics projects and cloud services: Ivideon Faces, Ivideon People Counting, and Ivideon Bridge.

We discussed our service’s innovative cloud-based video surveillance and video analytics solutions with the nearly 500 event participants, among whom were system integrators, end users, and reps from the world’s leading security firms.

Dahua Technology Partner Day was a fantastic forum that brought together top players to hear firsthand about cutting-edge solutions in security, monitoring, and business efficiency enhancement. With its three new products, Ivideon finds itself part of the wave sweeping what is a growing sector. And today we’d like to talk more about the opportunities Ivideon has to offer businesses around the world.


Ivideon Faces

The face recognition system works using the Ivideon cloud. You don’t need any more hardware — the service works with what you already have. Skipping that upgrade stage means you just have to connect to the Ivideon service (that happens using Ivideon Server or a camera with our firmware) and hook up Ivideon Faces in the user web application.

For clients with poor or unstable connections, we suggest connecting to a computer with Ivideon Server loaded on it or one of our video recorders with built-in firmware. The camera will send out a continuous video feed once it’s detected by the cloud, and Ivideon Server will send off just a little already-prepared data about recognized faces.

You can use Ivideon Faces free for 14 days. The trial plan works for multiple cameras at the same time.

Advantages of cloud-based face recognition

Ease of deployment. Cloud-based face recognition means you don’t have to buy or set up any hardware outside your cameras. And if you already have them installed at your location, there’s no need to replace them.

Fantastic support system. You don’t have to hire a team of professionals to support your hardware since Ivideon handles the technical side of things. Basic settings are available in the interface, and you can modify them on your own as needed.

Scalability. Your recognition system doesn’t have to be dependent on your IT infrastructure and the server bought and set up at the client’s office. There’s no need to buy more hardware and figure out how to scale things up with your provider every time.

Load tolerance. Cloud-based recognition distributes the load across a broad network of remote servers. You don’t have to keep empty capacity in reserve just to handle unexpected spikes around holidays and weekends.

Access from different devices. You can use the service from your work computer or any smartphone, saving quite a bit of time.

Cutting capex. The cost of launching traditional systems includes buying servers, video recorders, and software, not to mention integrating all that into your security system. They also have to be maintained and updated, while cloud-based solutions let you test and integrate them without incurring startup costs.

Ivideon People Counting

The day the first stores were opened was probably the same day the first visitors were counted. They needed an answer to the most important question a store owner can ask: how many of the people stepping through the door bought something? In time, other challenging questions piled on top of that one, all addressing conversion.

Today the best way to make your business more efficient is to automate the systems generating the data you need to figure out the best day for special offers as well as the best opening and closing times for different stores.

Ivideon can also calculate the number of visitors coming to a retail outlet using a highly accurate device that tracks the position, height, and direction of anyone in its field of vision. The device collects and stores visitor information without using additional sensors, subsequently transferring it to the cloud.

• High accuracy

Visitor statistics clock in at an accuracy rate of 95%. The algorithms filter out clothing color, lighting, temperature, humidity, crowd concentration, shadows, bags, strollers, shopping carts, and other factors.

• Large target area

At a height of 320 cm, wide-angle lenses can capture an area covering 290 × 180 cm, which lets you cover all standard entrances with a single sensor.

• Ease of setup and use

We made our counter just as easy to connect as any other camera integrated with the Ivideon service.

• Savings

The counter doesn’t need a high-speed connection or a server.

• Cloud service

The counter stores the data it captures in a cloud archive. You get an accurate counter and video surveillance in the same web application.


Ivideon Bridge

Video surveillance is a business tool that has gone beyond simple security usages. With the cloud and video analytics, even the smallest business can boost sales, improve customer loyalty, and jump to the front of their market.

Today in just five minutes you can turn any video surveillance system into a modern and effective tool that’s cheap, uses your existing hardware, and upgrades immediately thanks to a single device: Ivideon Bridge.

Ivideon Bridge lets you connect up to 16 cameras (or video recorder channels) to our service. The reason it’s there is to minimize expenses and give local system users access to a modern cloud service with video surveillance and video analytics, all without replacing existing hardware.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that opportunity has presented itself. Depending on the job, we hook up clients using video recorders with our firmware or an NVR with Ivideon Server installed. We also let all computers connect to the service, be they enterprise servers or home PCs.

The problem there is the lack of convenience and relatively high cost. As we reviewed the requests we were getting from our clients, weighing all the pros and cons of the existing ways they could connect to our cloud, we decided to develop a completely new device that would combine cost savings with incredible functionality.

Now you can go with a small, easily available device to roll out all your video surveillance in the cloud. For most cases, the compact device is sufficient to replace a PC with Ivideon Server or a video recorder.

Seven key advantages the device offers besides what comes with access to the Ivideon service:

• Low cost

• Any combination of 16 cameras or DVR channels

• Simple to connect, with the bridge automatically finding network devices

• Ease of setup, as users get the equivalent of Ivideon Server set up remotely through their web application

• A wide range of supported devices—cameras, DVRs, and any other device or VMS that supports RTSP or ONVIF

• Event recordings for ONVIF; continuous recording to the cloud for RTSP with our plans for business

• Expansive functionality for Hikvision and Dahua hardware using native protocols, working with a local archive on the end device

Ivideon Bridge isn’t just another video recorder; it’s a plug-and-play device that makes remote administration a piece of cake. For the first time, Ivideon Server can be run in the cloud.

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