How to connect an Android-based mobile phone camera to Ivideon?

How to connect an Android-based mobile phone camera to Ivideon?

You can use a mobile device camera as IP camera with the IP Webcam application for Android. IP Webcam allows users to broadcast videos from the cameras of their devices using Ivideon. Here you can download a free version of the application.

Can my device broadcast using Ivideon?

IP Webcam can broadcast video via Ivideon on most devices with Android 4.1 or higher. To check, run the application, select "Broadcast over the Internet" and click "Check compatibility". The app will tell you about compatibility with Ivideon.

How does it work?

Run the application, select "Broadcast over the Internet" and click "Enable Internet Broadcast". Enter your credentials or create a new account.

Return to the main application menu and click "Start." Now the camera is linked to your personal account. It is automatically assigned to the "Free" rate plan. Now you can watch live video from the built-in camera of your mobile device.

Attention! By default, your camera will be connected to the "Online" rate plan, which allows you to preview video in real time. If you want to store the video from your mobile device in Ivideon cloud storage, you need to select a different rate plan.

To do this, log into your personal account. You will be prompted to configure a new camera. After confirming, "My Services" tab will open, where you will need to choose a rate plan. Have you made your choice? It’s all done. Now you can watch live video from the built-in camera of your mobile device.

Can I save my videos?

Yes, you can, if you selected a rate plan that allows you to save the archive in the cloud. You can learn more about rate plans here.

Archive is recorded in the cloud only when the camera registers movement or sound, i.e., you need to enable the sensors. To do this, open the main menu of the application and select "Enable motion sensor" and/ or "Enable sound sensor" in the "Motion and Sound Sensors" section.

Done. Now the video from your camera is recorded in the cloud storage. You can view the recorded video in the personal account or Ivideon application, as well as export these video to your computer.

Can I receive event notifications?

Yes, you can receive notifications about movement and sound activities, as well as when the device with the camera is turned on and off. To receive notifications about motion and sound, enable the corresponding sensors in the "Motion and Sound Sensors" section.

Will the application run in the background?

Yes, it will. To do this, click "Actions..." in the live video view window and select "Run in the background" or just minimize the app window.

Can the application start automatically?

Yes, to run the application when the phone is turned on, check the "Run at startup" box in the main application menu.

What parameters are optimal for video broadcasting over the Internet?

Resolution - no more than 1280×720, bitrate - no more than 1200 kbit/s. You can configure the settings in the "Video settings" section.

How fast does the device lose charge when the application is running?

Energy is consumed rather quickly. For long-term operation of the device with the running application, we recommended that you constantly charge the device from the wall outlet using a charger with a current of at least 1A. To reduce power consumption, open the "Power Management" section and uncheck "Do not turn off the screen" box.

While the application is running, the device can get quite hot. Make sure the device cools off.

What equipment is Ivideon compatible with?