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What’s new in July?


July is coming to an end and it means that we can tell you everything about updates we’ve released this month. And we hope our news will make your day.


First and the most important update of July is the release of the cameras grouping and cameras group access control features. The last one is now available in the Ivideon Client Desktop application.

Second - we’ve placed the Ivideon Client Desktop in the Mac App Store finally. We asked our lead developers to give us some comments on these updates.

“We decided to add new features to the Ivideon Client Desktop (cameras grouping and cameras group access control), because we’ve received a lot of feedbacks from our users. You see, when a user has more that 50 cameras connected to his account, it becomes very awkward to grant access to each camera. So, he needs to group his cameras according to his company structure and grand access to the groups of cameras.”

Nikita Vlaznev , the Ivideon cloud platform developer

“Primarily those our clients are interested in new features, who are envolved in business. For example, they have branches in different cities, and it’s rather handy for them to group cameras accourding to the branches location, not server names”.

Anton Bityutskiy, the Ivideon lead developer

And now let's take a closer look at our new features.

Ivideon Client Desktop 6.2.0

The key part of the July updates is the feature of grouping cameras accourding to your company structure (geo location, office building structure, company departments and etc.) and the feature, which allows to grant access to a group of cameras, not only one at a time. These features are available for accounts “For business”, because on a first-priority basis are users, who have tens and hundreds of cameras. And on a second-priority basis are users who need clear classification of all their cameras.

Cameras grouping.

  • Click on “Groups” sign, then click on “Edit groups”.
  • A new window will open where you will see your groups on the right and your cameras on the left.
  • To create a new group click on “Add group” button on the right and pull the needed cameras to this group from the left column.
  • That’s it! Done!

If you want to open a group as a layout, right click on the group name and choose “Open as a layout” from the pop-up menu.

Grant access to the cameras groupings.

  • Right click on a grouping name and choose “Share”.
  • Enter email of a person you want to share access with, choose between “Live feed”, “Archive”, “PTZ”(Pan-tilt-zoom) or “Administrator”. The “Administrator” mark willgive more rights for the user to control your cameras. The Administrator may group cameras, share them with other users, rename and etc.
  • That’s it! Done!

Ivideon Client Desktop 6.2.1 and application publication in Mac App Store

All the requirements for Mac App Store are fulfilled, and now Ivideon Client Desktop is available for downloading!

In version 6.2.1 safe passwords preservation were implemented into all operation systems: passwords will be preserved in the system storages.

Ivideon Client 2.7.6 for Android

This refers to the translation to Turkish and technical updates.

Ivideon Client 2.5.3 для iOS

Same – adding the Turkish, fixes and improvements. We just can’t live without these.

Update of the website and Ivideon user account

We added the translation of the whole website and user account to Portuguese. +1 into our coin jar.

That’s all we got for the July. In August we promise to gladden you with new updates!