Who can view video from the camera by default?

The camera can be viewed only by users with access to the personal account, for which it is activated. If you wish to grant access to the camera to others, you can make the camera public or transfer the rights.

  1. All Ivideon functions are available only for the account owner.
    Account owner can add cameras, activate rate plan subscription, remove cameras and servers, give access to the camera/cameras to other users (to view videos and/or archive), watch videos and archive, download records, buy activation keys, publish camera feed on the Internet (set up public broadcast), configure and receive notifications.
  2. A user, to whom the camera owner has given the rights, can view online videos from a camera, the archive (if the camera owner indicated this in the access settings for this user), manage PTZ (if the camera owner indicated this in the access settings for this user); user can delete a camera from their personal account (by doing this, he/she abandons access to this camera). Such users do not receive notifications, they cannot activate rate plan subscriptions, they cannot publish camera feed online and cannot give the rights to this camera to another user.
  3. Users who view the camera feed published online can view the online videos and/or archive of the camera (if the camera owner publishes the archive) and share a link to this camera on Ivideon TV.

What equipment is Ivideon compatible with?