Manage access to your cameras

Transfer of access rights to other users

With Ivideon, you can easily transfer the rights to view live videos and archive records from your camera to a specific person or a group of people. For example, you can share access rights to the camera with your colleagues, family or friends. An option to transfer access rights and intuitive interface of the personal account will help you do this quickly and easily.

  1. You can transfer the rights to view online videos and archive, as well as manage PTZ or notifications.
  2. Once the viewing rights were transferred, your camera indicating the account owner will appear in your personal account.

The users who the rights to view live videos and archive were transferred to, will be able to do the following in the personal account:

  1. Rename the camera.
  2. Delete the camera.
  3. Export the archive.*
    *The length of the exported fragment depends on the rate plan selected by the camera owner

Users will not be able to:

  1. Delete the camera from the personal account of the owner
  2. Receive notifications
  3. Change notification settings
  4. Change camera settings
  5. Change/cancel the rate plan subscription for the camera the user received access to

The number of users that can be granted access and the length of the exported video fragment are limited and depend on the rate plan selected for the camera. Compare:

*The number of videos is not limited. Only the length of one single file is limited.

What equipment is Ivideon compatible with?