Which archive should I choose?

Which archive should I choose?

There are several ways to record a video archive when using Ivideon video surveillance system:

  1. Using the cloud archive. Cloud archive - when videos are stored in our servers. Records are saved regularly, storage period depends on the selected rate plan. Recordings are made only when the motion and sound sensors are triggered. To save to the cloud archive, you must be connected to the Internet. You can access your video archive even if your equipment was damaged or stolen.
  2. Using the local archive.Local archive - video archive is saved to the selected folder on your computer where Ivideon Server was installed, or to an SD card of the camera with integrated Ivideon server. The local archive is saved regularly; when there is no more allocated space left, the oldest records are deleted, and instead, the new ones are recorded. When using the camera with integrated Ivideon service, there is an option to record the archive only using the motion sensor data. If the Ivideon Server is used, there are three ways to record the archive: continuous recording, recording based on data from motion or sound detectors, recording based on a schedule. If equipment is broken or stolen, the video archive will not be available. Archive will be recorded even if there is no connection to the Internet.
  3. Simultaneous use of the cloud and local archives.In this case, records will be the duplicates of each other. The cloud archive is used first; if for some reason it is not available, for example, if there is no Internet connection, we then refer to the local archive.

Local archive settings in no way affect the cloud archive. I.e. if your local archive was set to be recorded based on a schedule or not to be recorded at all, the cloud archive will still be recorded based on motion or sound detector data.

When using the cloud archive, the amount of data stored in the archive does not matter; records will be deleted based on a schedule.

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