How to restore the archive if the rate plan subscription expired?

How to restore the archive if the rate plan subscription expired?

Cloud Archive

If you are using the rate plan with cloud archive, you can recover your records by extending your rate plan. In this case, it is important that the storage deadline for archive records does not expire - otherwise, the archive will be deleted.

For example, you subscribed to the "Cloud-30" rate plan. Your subscription ends on July 1. On July 1, you log in to your personal account and do not see the archive. On July 3, you subscribe to the "Cloud-30" rate plan for this camera and get access to the archive records for the past 24 days (before July 1) (when the rate plan subscription is not active, videos are not saved to the cloud. Records are saved for the period, for which the rate plan subscription was activated last time).

To ensure that this does not happen, we recommend that you top up your account and that you do not remove the "Automatic subscription renewal" check mark in the personal account settings.

Local archive

Access to the local archive can be restored by connecting locally to the computer where Ivideon Server was installed (if the videos were saved to the hard drive of your computer).

If the local archive was saved to an SD card of the camera, you can view the videos by activating any rate plan.

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