How to view video and the archive locally?

You can view the archive locally using Ivideon Client. Install Ivideon Server on your computer in your local networkand connect the necessary cameras.

Cameras and video recorders that are compatible with Ivideon on board cannot be viewed locally using our service.

How to configure the local viewing option

  1. Go to Ivideon Server settings (settings button is active only when the server was stopped), go to the "Local Viewing" tab:

    Install "Local viewing" flag. Set the password to access the local server, if necessary. Click "OK" and start the server.

  2. Install Ivideon Client on the computer or on another computer in the local network.
  3. Start Ivideon Client and log in to your account.

  4. Open the Settings menu by clicking on the "cog wheel" in the lower left corner of the application window and click on the "Add Local Video Server" button:

  5. In the next window, select the flag corresponding to the location of Ivideon Server (on this computer or on another computer in the local network).

    When you select "In the local network", you must enter the local IP address of the computer where Ivideon Server was installed.

    Enter any name for the server and password (if it was previously set) and press "OK".

    Now, by selecting the server from the list in Ivideon Client, you can view the cameras locally.

What equipment is Ivideon compatible with?