How to delete the archive?

How to delete the archive?

You will not have to delete the archive manually.

Old records are deleted automatically when you record a new video.

Records are deleted as soon as there is no more free place left for the archive (for local archives) or as soon as data storage expires (for cloud archives).

Deleting the local archive

The local archive is saved to the selected folder on your computer where Ivideon Server was installed, or to an SD card of the camera with integrated Ivideon server.

You can completely delete the archive if you delete the folder where it was saved to.

You can see where this folder is located in the Ivideon Server settings ("General" tab, "Archive" section).

You cannot delete individual video fragments.

Deleting the archive in the Ivideon Cloud

When using the remote archive (in Ivideon Cloud), records are stored in our data centers.

In order to delete an archive from the cloud, you will have to delete the camera from the personal account.

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