How to update Ivideon software on your computer?

Remember that before updating you need to stop and close all Ivideon Server and Ivideon Client software.

Updating Ivideon Server

Why? We constantly work on improving our video surveillance cloud service and its applications; therefore, the latest version is always better and more functional than the previous one.

1. Open the "Help" menu.
2. Click "Check for Updates" to get the current version of the program.
3. If your version of Ivideon server is not the last one, open the "Help" menu and click on "About" to find out the current version of the program.
4. To update Ivideon Server, download the new version of the program on the Downloads page. 5. Disable Ivideon Server and install the program in the same folder where the previous version was installed. Update complete!

How do I always stay up to date?

  1. Open the "Settings" menu, "General" tab.
  2. Check the box "Notify me about updates", and you will always know when a new version of the program becomes available!

What equipment is Ivideon compatible with?