What is an IP camera with Ivideon support?

What is an IP camera with Ivideon support?

IP camera is a video camera, which is accessed through a computer network: with an Ethernet cable or wirelessly via WiFi, 3G or 4G. Such camera creates videos in a digital format that can provide high-quality video. Primary processing of videos on such cameras is done by a built-in software package called "firmware".

Download Ivideon firmware for your camera Axis, Hikvision.

To view a video from such camera, you must access it directly using its network address (IP address). This solution may cause the following problems:

  • Firstly, a path to the camera is already not safe because the password to access the camera and the video are transmitted in an open, unencrypted manner, and the address of the camera can be picked up by a simple search method.
  • Secondly, majority of computer networks connected to the Internet are configured in such a way that it is impossible to access the address of the camera in the network from the Internet (from outside).
  • Thirdly, high quality video transmission requires a high-speed data channel, and in wireless networks and mobile communication networks, the amount of data can be limited, and the transmission rate drops sharply when the signal becomes weaker.

These circumstances make it difficult to obtain the video directly from the camera via the Internet in real time (with minimal delay). Providing video broadcasting to a large audience is made even more difficult by the fact that when you access the camera directly, it gives everyone a separate copy of the video: the more viewers, the greater the load on the camera and data channels.

Ivideon service installed on the IP cameraprovides the solution to all problems described:

  • Security is achieved through encrypting of all transmitted data.
  • Camera is accessed through Ivideon Cloud - direct access to the address on the Internet is no longer required.
  • Camera provides a video once and only on request, and Ivideon Cloud transmits it in the required quality.
  • Video transmission does not require a separate computer. Camera with Ivideon support is an independent element of your video surveillance system.

Using this solution is very simple! Connect the IP camera with Ivideon service to a network with Internet access and connect it to your personal Ivideon account. Now you can watch the video from the cameras via the Internet, as well as take advantage of other useful features of the service!

How to install Ivideon on an IP camera?

Now you can independently install Ivideon service on your IP camera.

Currently, we are providing:

  • Firmare with Ivideon support for Axis IP cameras.
  • Firmare with Ivideon support for Hikvision IP cameras.

We do not seek to make money by selling hardware. Therefore, all our solutions, including ready-to-use firmware, as well as detailed instructions for installing them, are available on this page. It is necessary first of all for those who for one reason or another already owns a camera that we support, but without our service.

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What equipment is Ivideon compatible with?