How can I transfer Ivideon Server to another computer?

How can I transfer Ivideon Server to another computer?

Why? Sometimes it is necessary to transfer the Ivideon Server that is already running from one device to another, at the same time avoiding the necessity to re-configure the server and connection of the cameras to your personal account. For example, you have a new computer.


The existing operating system does not matter.

You can easily transfer Ivideon Server to another computer, and it does not matter, which operating system you have. For the correct transfer, just follow 5 simple steps:

  1. Install Ivideon Server on a new computer.
  2. Transfer the following files from the old PC to the folder where Ivideon Server is installed:




  3. If you need the archive, transfer the entire folder with the archive including all subfolders and the archive.db file.

  4. In the settings (button with the wrench) in the "General" tab, check that the specified path to the folder with the archive and the number of allocated space (it should be sufficient for the program and the archive) are indicated correctly. Click "OK".
  5. Click "Start" button.

Done! Server migration and saving your settings have been completed.

It is necessary to take into account that migration of Ivideon Server settings with the older version of the Linux operating system is possible only to the same version of the server. The files that need to be transferred when using this version of the server are located in the /opt/ivideon/videoserverd/ server. They are called config.xml and config_new.xml.

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