How to configure archive recording based on sound detection in Ivideon Server?

Recording based on sound detection


If you do not wish to watch all the long hours of the video archive, you can set up recording based on sound. This is useful if your site is usually quiet or if the noise level is typically even. You can adjust the sound sensor sensitivity so that it will react to unusual sounds and warn you about possible emergency situations.


  1. Right-click on the camera name.
  2. Open camera settings.


  3. Open the "Sound Detector" tab.

  4. Enable sound detector.
  5. Set the detector sensitivity.
  6. Click "OK" to confirm

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Important! Adjust the detector threshold in accordance with the noise level at the monitored site. If the site is completely silent (office at night), the threshold should be low; if there is constant background noise at the site (server room), the threshold should be increased at least up to the middle mark.

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