How to choose the best recording settings for my web cameras?

How to choose the best recording settings for my web cameras?

Here you can learn about settings for web cameras that can select optimal parameters between the video quality, processor utilization and Internet channel.

  1. Go to Ivideon Server settings (button with the wrench). The settings button will only be active if the server was stopped.
  2. Go to "Advanced" tab in the "Web camera recording settings" section:

    Here we are interested in all four parameters, by changing which we can achieve reduction of CPU workload by decreasing the video quality or increasing the Internet channel workload:

    2.1 Resolution - resolution of the video camera. * The higher the resolution, the greater the workload of the processor* and the Internet channel, but the video quality will be higher. If you select "High", a video will be fed from the camera at the maximum resolution of the camera.

    2.2 Video format - selection of the encoding method for a video from your camera. A comparative table below will help you with your selection:

    2.3 Bitrate stands for the degree of stream compression and thus determines the bandwidth, for which the data stream is compressed. That is, the maximum size of data stream from that camera. The higher the bitrate, the higher is the processor* utilization and the larger Internet channel is required, but the quality will be better.

    2.4 Frame rate is the number of still images succeeding one another in 1 second. The higher the frame rate, the smoother the movement will appear. The frame rate, at which movement will be perceived even, is different for each person. Therefore, we select the settings according to your requirements. The higher the frame rate, the greater is the processor utilization and Internet channel*.

  3. Motion detector selection:

    If you use a high-quality detector, the CPU utilization is greater than when using the low-quality one, and video processing is of higher quality during detection.

Watching videos using iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod) creates additional workload due to encoding video in a special format.

When you request a video in your account or through Ivideon Client at not the maximum resolution, it will also cause the processor to experience extra workload in order to encode the video stream in the required quality.

What equipment is Ivideon compatible with?