Why using a web camera overloads my computer?

Why using a web camera overloads my computer?

Any webcam will load the processor, since it does not produce an encoded image, and encoding for transfer and storing in the archive is a very time-consuming operation for the processor.

Motion detector also operates using software and therefore creates additional workload for the processor.

Your computer processor works the hardest during video encoding and when the motion sensor is at work, hence the following conclusions:

  1. The maximum workload will take place when the archive is recorded based on the motion detector data.
  2. When using continuous recording, computer resources will not be spent on the motion detector, but this will create constant workload caused by video encoding.
  3. The minimum workload will exist if the archive will not be recorded at all, since the detector will not be used and video will be encoded only when the camera is requested.

Always use web cameras with original drivers. Drivers provided by the operating system do not always function correctly.

For medium-sized web cameras with a resolution of 640x480, we recommended that you use a computer with Intel Atom Processor 2x1.6 Ghz or higher.

Here you can learn about settings for web cameras that can select optimal parameters between the video quality, processor utilization and Internet channel.

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