Collect data for growing your business

In real-time using the cloud video surveillance service

Ivideon presents an automated queue recognition service for businesses



Customers who spend a lot of time waiting in lines are less likely to return to those stores. Studies show that 80–90% of clients faced with long queues would just prefer to take their business and revenue elsewhere.

Queues at retail stores totaling an hour a day cut daily revenue by more than 10%, sabotaging loyalty and speaking to deeper staffing problems. But employees don’t like admitting that there are queues or think of them as incidental, since they don’t want to deal with negative attention from the main office or new rules streamlining their work.

Owners, on the other hand, focus on driving success for their businesses, doing their best to minimize or eliminate wait times. They want as few people hanging around cash registers as possible. In the past, that meant hiring someone to keep an eye on the surveillance cameras showing what the situation at those cash registers was in real time. Other managers limit their efforts to putting up a sign with their phone number, making themselves available for customers to call if they feel they’ve been waiting in line too long.

But that’s all history now. Ivideon Queue Detector is a smart cloud service that automatically detects when lines form within the camera’s field of view.

The service lets business owners see when queues form, collect and analyze data, and send instant notifications about new queues to everyone who needs them, no matter if they’re operating a store, a shopping center, a restaurant, or something else.

The queue detector impacts businesses in a number of ways:

  • ● It pushes employees to work more efficiently
  • ● It boosts customer loyalty
  • ● It drives sales by offering easier access to cash registers
  • ● It cuts down on disputes
  • ● It increases repeat business by ensuring high-quality service


Ivideon uses machine-learning algorithms, simply counting the number of heads in each frame. Queues are identified instantaneously—no more sending someone out to do the count manually. Best of all, no additional equipment is needed. All you have to do is hook your surveillance cameras up to Ivideon’s cloud service.


The service also lets you fine-tune the detector. You can set up several detection areas for each camera, covering multiple service points with each one. Then you decide how many people constitutes a queue in each of the different areas.


The Ivideon service delivers detailed reports featuring statistics for all your cameras over a select period, with an array of queue data. With their help, you can identify peak hours, see how fast queues form, and compare problem spots across multiple locations.

Email notifications are sent as soon as the system detects a queue. Staying up to date means your staff can immediately take steps to eliminate the problem. The email includes a link to your account, so operators can pull up a live feed from the camera or watch archived recordings to see why the queue formed.

The service is included in Ivideon’s usual interface, and is already available in the web application (check the Queues tab). Do activate it, connect at least one camera to the Queue Detector: Cloud 30 Pro plan.