Video surveillance for residential buildings

Ivideon: video surveillance for residential buildings

Ivideon is a secure and cost-effective
video surveillance solution for your residential buildings.

An Ivideon-based surveillance system
for residential buildings lets you:

install as many cameras as you need for your surveillance sites
access your online feeds and video archive from any device
store video both locally and in the cloud
work over any network, including 3G/4G
receive real-time notifications about what’s happening on your site and your cameras’ status
offer any number of employees and customers easy access to your cameras
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What can Ivideon do for your residential buildings?

Ensure that your
housing cooperative is secure
Get rid of loiterers and drunks and keep fights from developing in your lobby
Record evidence of delinquent behavior as well as mail and property theft
Identify apartments where illegal activity is going on
Prevent home invasions
Use video recordings of events to solve crimes and find rule violators
Integrate with security and fire alarm systems, letting you see whether alerts are false alarms
Reduce the number of robberies and burglaries
Monitor the parking
garage or lot
Get rid of illegal activity
Record any carjackings that might occur
Manage controversial situations, for example by identifying the exact time when a vehicle arrived at the parking lot
Monitor the entrance/exit
Monitor the area
around the apartment building
Monitor lounges, playgrounds, and sports courts
Record illegal activity
Consolidate all your cameras
into one secure system
Monitor all your cameras in a single window: your personal account or the Ivideon Client app
Securely watch video feeds on a computer or mobile device
Just group them in your personal account or the Ivideon Client Desktop application
Connect any number of cameras
Manage access to cameras
Ensure security by encrypting stored videos
How much does the solution cost?
Calculate the initial price of your surveillance system right now.
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Where should you install your cameras? Why there?

Why Ivideon?

4,000,000+ usersMore than 4,000,000
users trust us.
Our own technologyWe developed the Ivideon service ourselves, which means we stand behind its quality.
Full serviceWe offer a full range of system maintenance services—from equipment selection to installation.
Turnkey solutionsWe offer a comprehensive and cost-effective turnkey solution for your auto repair center.
Easily integratedWe can help you connect Ivideon to the cameras you already have.
Quick installationIt won’t take us long to install your video surveillance system.