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Do you run a small office? Or are you in charge of a nationwide chain? Ivideon can install a video surveillance system for you no matter the scale, and we’ll keep it fast and cheap. Depending on how many cameras you have at your location and your Internet speed, you can use the Camera-to-Cloud option, the Server-to-Cloud option, or a combination of the two.

Camera-to-Cloud: Ivideon cloud-based cameras

Ivideon cloud-based cameras are fully functional IP cameras capable of interacting directly with the company’s modern cloud service. They represent the simplest and most reliable way to enhance any location with video surveillance, all while skipping the need for video servers, computers, and other specialized hardware.
Forget computers and video servers—connect to the Ivideon cloud directly.
Keeping video servers and computers out of your location means eliminating one more vulnerability and keeping hardware costs
to a minimum.
Installing a video surveillance system made up of 1 to 32 or even more cameras at your locations no longer means being tied down
to an expensive video server.
No special configurations
or external IP addresses
All you need is a regular Internet connection—don’t worry about having to order additional services from your provider.
Built-in and cloud-based
motion detectors
Every one of our cloud-based cameras comes with a built-in motion detector complemented by everything that is the Ivideon cloud. As a result, there are far fewer false alarms and notifications
for you to deal with.
Wi-Fi and Ethernet enabled
with PoE support
Ivideon-powered cameras can be wireless or wired. In the latter case, PoE technology lets you power them using the same cable.
Hybrid recording
and event storage
Data can be stored both in the cloud
and on your camera’s SD card.
IR LEDs let cameras see
in pitch darkness while remaining
invisible to the naked eye.
For indoor
and outdoor use
Ivideon offers cloud-based cameras that are designed to work indoors in addition to other models in protective housing that makes them perfect for outdoor operation.

Server-to-Cloud: Ivideon Server VMS

Ivideon Server is a professional application we developed to support local video surveillance systems, store recordings from any location type, and connect your locations to the Ivideon cloud. It’s the easiest way to avail yourself of all the benefits that come with Ivideon cloud-based video surveillance when you need to connect existing cameras or your Internet connection isn’t strong enough to handle all the cloud-based cameras you need.
It supports a wide range
of IP cameras, DVRs, and NVRs
Ivideon Server works with all the most popular hardware available on the video surveillance market.
It’s easy to set up
and connect
Cameras already hooked up to the Internet are discovered and configured using open-source UPnP and ONVIF protocols, letting you quickly and easily roll out your new video surveillance system based on Ivideon Server and the Ivideon cloud.
It supports a range
of operating systems
Ivideon Server offers industrial-strength reliability—whether you run it on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X.
It lets you store configurations in the cloud and quickly restore them
as needed
You don’t need to set up your connected cameras from scratch every time your server goes down. Instead, Ivideon Server lets you save configurations to the cloud and quickly restore them—for instance, when you need to replace your server.
It lets you connect more cameras to a single serverIvideon Server uses the built-in motion and sound detectors that come with most popular cameras. It also optimizes resources to expand the number of cameras that servers can handle as opposed to most other systems. That lets you save on the hardware costs involved in rolling out video surveillance.
It comes with a smart motion-detector moduleShadows, unimportant regular movements, and minor lighting changes are filtered out, meaning that you have to deal with 40% fewer false alarms as compared to other solutions.
It’s great for connecting the cameras you already haveIvideon Server is an easy way to connect your existing cameras to the Ivideon cloud, augmenting the system you have in place.
It combines local recording with Ivideon’s cloud-based capabilitiesIs your Internet connection too weak to let you take advantage of cloud storage? Ivideon Server supports local storage while maintaining remote access to recordings via the Ivideon app from wherever you are.
It supports a variety of local recording modesYou may want to maintain continuous recording; then again, you may want to only record when your cameras’ motion or sound detectors are triggered, or even on a schedule you can easily set up beforehand. Either way, we have you covered.


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