how to connect a tenvis xxx13W camera?

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i have a tenivs ip cam connected to my router fritz box via WLAN but i cant connect it to my server ivideon hardware
asked Feb 20, 2013 by anonymous

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If you want to add an IP camera to Ivideon Server, do the following:
1. Open Ivideon Server (if it is already working, press Stop).
2. Click with the right mouse button on the icon "IP Cameras".
3. Choose the option "Add IP Camera".
4. In the box that you see indicate the name of the camera (you can write any name you want), the manufacturer, the model, ip-address, the login/password and the port if it is necessary.
If your camera is not given in the list of cameras supported by Ivideon Server, apply to the manufacturers of this device. Inform them that you are going to connect this device to Ivideon service and to do it you need either RTSP or MJPEG URL to a video stream. Perhaps, youwillfindtheseURLsinthemanual.
A proper MJPEG URL should open the video in a browser, for example, Chrome, and RTSP URL should open in VLC player. (
After you try your camera, send us the received URL, and we will add support for your device to Ivideon Server.
You can also try this: insert the working URL into the URL field and choose the position “Other manufacturer” in the field “Manufacturer”.
5. If you need it, you can indicate supplementary parameters in the Advanced Settings.
6. Press the button of preview, if everything is correct the video from the camera should open. If the video doesn’t open, look through points 4-5.  
7. Close the window of preview and press “OK”.
8. Press the Start button in the Server and the camera will become available in your personal account or in Ivideon Server.
answered Feb 20, 2013 by IAP (680 points)