Can I use the service for free?

Yes, you can use Ivideon service for free.

All Ivideon SW is available for free.

Ivideon Server and Ivideon Client (available for Android and iOS based desktop and mobile devices) are available for free. They can be downloaded here

Up to 15 cameras can be connected to the service for free.

The service is available to all users with "For Home" rate plans and includes:

  • Viewing online videos
  • Storing and viewing the local archive
  • Storing and viewing short videos that are 10 seconds long, which are stored in Ivideon cloud
  • Export of archive records. Maximum length of one video is 1 hour
  • Provide access to 2 more users

Limitation to 15 cameras does not apply when using the service locally, without connecting to the Internet. For viewing videos and archive records locally, please use the desktop application Ivideon Client.

What equipment is Ivideon compatible with?