Camera moderation terms for Ivideon TV

Camera moderation terms for Ivideon TV

All cameras published for public access must undergo two stages of verification. Moderation is done manually by Ivideon moderator. If public broadcasting is disabled before moderation, the camera will be excluded from the moderation list.

That is, if you enabled public broadcast for a few minutes to test this service feature, it will not pass the moderation stage and will not be available on Ivideon TV.

Stage 1. Camera moderation for Ivideon TV

Upon activation of public broadcasting, the camera is included in the list for moderation.

The moderator will check the contents of the video broadcast and will either approve the camera, or ban and block it.

If the camera passed the moderation stage and was approved, it will be available on Ivideon TV.

Stage 2. Camera post-moderation for Ivideon TV

Once a month, on every 30th day of each month, cameras undergo post-moderation for Ivideon TV.
All cameras that have already been moderated and are available on Ivideon TV must be inspected again.

Why do we do it?
To prevent the camera from being transferred and broadcasting of inappropriate content.

All cameras that have been blocked must be inspected again.

Why do we do it?
They could now contain videos from cameras that we can allow to be broadcast.

Terms of blocking public broadcasting

The following content is not allowed for public broadcasting on Ivideon TV:

  1. Broadcasts from private apartments, houses, etc.

  2. Broadcasts from impermissible content: violence, perversion, pornography and the like.

Rules for blocking comments

If public broadcast does not contain unauthorized content, but in the comments section to the broadcast, Ivideon TV visitors are engaged in incitement of religious, ethnic or political conflicts, discuss activities prohibited by the international laws and the laws of the Russian Federation, the moderator reserves the right to completely block the ability to comment on the video.

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